London Harp Studio at Michael Parfett Conservation

Gilded HarpMichael Parfett's London Harp Studio offers solutions for all your harp repair needs. From regular maintenance to total rebuild, Michael Parfett's experience and expertise is reknowned world-wide. He works on modern concert harps and antique instruments belonging to players and collectors all over the world, including such 18th /19th century single action Naderman and Erard harps.

He regularly visits Wales, Ireland, France and other European countries for maintenance service appointments on harps belonging to many leading performers and teachers. A trip to Australia in October 2010 is being planned.

Harp Repair Services include...

• From simple repair to total rebuild and conservation

• Mechanical structures

• Gilding and decorative schemes - restoration and from new

• On the spot repair of chips and dents

Maintenance service visit in your home

• Eighteenth century to modern harps both folk and concert

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Gilded Harp
Welsh Harp